Points System

All student organizations who plan to participate in any Homecoming activity are required to fill out the HOMECOMING REGISTRATION FORM on AppSync.

General Rules & Guidelines:

  • Only registered student clubs and organizations, as approved by the Campus Activities Office, are eligible to participate in Homecoming activities and receive points.
  • Clubs and organizations will compete only against similar groups (clubs vs. clubs, Greeks vs. Greeks, etc.)* in seven different Homecoming contests (see below).
  • Four overall Homecoming Champions will be chosen and announced at halftime of the Homecoming game.
  • Certificates, cash prizes, significant publicity, and prestige await the successful groups.
  • Groups may join with other similar groups to enter one or more competition.  However, if combined groups place in a competition, only one certificate will be awarded and prize points and money (if any) will be divided equally.
  • Certificates and cash prizes will be awarded to winners in each category.  A display celebrating all winners will be on display in the Student Union.
  • Each contest has specific guidelines and deadlines.

Competition Categories:

Four Homecoming Champions will be chosen in the following categories:

  • General Club 
  • Residence Hall Council
  • Fraternity/Sorority
  • Department Affiliated Organizations

Competition Points Grid:**



Blood Drive

Participation = 150 pts.

Homecoming Court Nominations

Nominations = 10 pts.

Nominee applies = 15 pts

Nominee crowned Top of the Rock = 30 pts

Nearly Naked Mile

Participation = 50 pts. (20% of your membership must participate by either running/walking OR volunteering during the event)

Parade Float

Participation = 100 pts.

3rd place = 75 pts

2nd place = 100 pts

1st place = 125 pts

+ 15 pts for use of sustainable materials

Parade Walking Group (must have banner; can use same banner from banner contest)

Participation = 50 pts.

Kazoo Band

Participation = 25 pts.

3rd place = 25 pts.

2nd place = 50 pts

1st place = 75 pts

Banner Contest

Participation = 25 pts.

3rd place = 25 pts.

2nd place = 50 pts

1st place = 75 pts

Lip Sync

Prelims Participation = 50 pts.

Make it to Finals = 25 additional pts.

Category winners = 25 additional pts for 1st place winners

Overall Champion = 50 additional pts. (cannot be a category winner)

Field Day

Participation = 50 pts. (20% of your membership must participate)
Fundraising Participation = 50 pts.
Fundraising Winner = 50 pts.

**Please note the following stipulations regarding points and prizes:
(1) - Because there is an uneven number of fraternities and sororities on campus, some fraternities may compete with non-Greek organizations. Fraternities pairing with non-Greek affiliated groups will be awarded one-half the point for 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish in any contest.
(2) -  Department Affiliated Organizations include Appalachian Ambassadors, APPS, The Appalachian, WASU, The Peel, BSA, Club Council, RHA/NRHH, IFC, NPHC, PHC, SGA, Women's Center, REI, InTapp, and ACT.  These organizations are not eligible for cash rewards but can receive $100 in funds to cover floats and banner costs.
(3) - Participation points are split between partnering groups whether they be Greek or non-Greek. Furthermore, prize money where applicable is also split evenly among partnering groups. Partnering groups do not share Blood Drive points.