Parade Float

Homecoming Parade
Friday, October 18th, 2019
7 - 8 pm 
Downtown Boone

Parade Float Rules & Guidelines:

  • This parade is a fun and family-friendly community event; please keep to a positive expression and theme for your entry.
  • All floats must be parked at Watauga County Health Services no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday for judging.
  • Floats are limited to pickup trucks or flatbed trailers.  According to NC Statute 20-123, trailers must be attached to the towing unit by means of safety chains or cables which shall be of sufficient strength to hold the gross weight of the towed vehicle in the event the primary towing device fails or becomes disconnected while being operated.
  • Throwing of candy, toys, or other objects is strictly prohibited due to the potential for serious injury for spectators and participants. Anyone found throwing items from their float may be asked to leave the parade immediately and may not be allowed to participate in future parades.
  • Participants on foot may distribute candy or other items by handing them to spectators.
  • The Homecoming parade is not to be used for soliciting purposes.
  • Maximum riders: limited to the number necessary to work the float properly (10 or less).  Parade organizers will limit numbers.
  • No substance use: Floats will be checked before parade starts and during the parade route. Any members under the influence of alcohol/drugs will be barred from participation and their group will be disqualified from the parade and all homecoming contests and subject to disciplinary proceedings.
  • Please inform all drivers to maintain a speed of 3 to 5 MPH and a safe following distance during the parade.
  • Each organization sets its own float expenditure level. (Except Department Affiliated Organizations which must complete the budget request form.)
  • No gasoline or diesel-powered generators or other motors allowed on floats.
  • If music volume on floats drowns out surrounding Kazoo Bands, the float will be disqualified.
  • No students may ride on a float any more than 3 feet from the bottom surface of the trailer.
  • Stabilized props on a float should not exceed 12 feet in height or width. Objects may exceed these requirements only if they can be controlled to allow proper maneuvering with regard to traffic lights, telephone wires, corners and spectators.
  • Floats, including tow unit, must not exceed 30 feet in length. The float must be designed to maneuver the several corners along the parade route without delaying the forward motion of the parade or causing potential hazards.
  • Float beds must be sturdy and capable of carrying the weight to be imposed.
  • The float vehicle must be properly serviced for gasoline, water, oil, brakes, tires, and battery prior to entry into the parade.
  • Decorative material and the parade structure must be kept clear of the exhaust system of a motorized float.
  • Parade officials reserve the right to refuse entry and participation for violation of the above rules.

Float Judging Criteria:

Spirit & Relation to Homecoming Theme 25%
Originality & Creativity 25%
Amount of Work Involved 25%
Appearance & Artistic Presentation 25%

Parade Points & Prizes:

Place Points Prize Money
Participation 100 pts $50
Sustainability +15 points if sustainable materials were used ---
3rd Place 75 pts (in addition to participation pts.) $125
2nd Place 100 pts. (in addition to participation pts.) $150
1st Place 125 pts (in addition to participation pts.) $175

Parade Route

The parade will travel through the campus of Appalachian State and along King Street in downtown Boone. The Town of Boone and Appalachian State are working together to ensure the safety of all guests and to keep traffic disruption to a minimum.

2019 Homecoming Parade map