Election Rules

  • Homecoming Court Elections will begin on Monday,October 14th at 8 am and end on Thursday, October 17th at 5 pm.
  • All Homecoming Court Elections will take place on AppSync.
  • Appalachian State University Homecoming Court Nominees are invited to participate in limited campaigning for their aforementioned positions. Once nominated and photographed, nominees may create a single Facebook group for campaigning. No other means of campaigning is allowed.
  • You are in charge of your supporters and what they post.
  • No money can be spent on campaigning. Facebook is the only campaigning tool. No banners, flyers, posters, chalking, car paint, voting parties, door to door knocking at residences, etc.
  • One Facebook group per candidate.
  • Homecoming nominee must serve as the administrator of the group along with the SGA Director of Elections.
  • Group picture is limited to the photograph authorized by the SGA Elections Committee.
  • Candidates may not work together in the creation or maintenance of a group.
  • No group(s) can be designed against another.
  • Any overtly negative posts by members of other competing organizations in homecoming during the voting process may lead to a disqualification of the posting individual’s group in homecoming competition.
  • Each Facebook page may only feature an individual candidate; mentions of other candidates will result in disqualifications.
  • Facebook is the only means of campaigning; therefore, it is a good place to show why you should be voted for.
  • Each Facebook group may only feature an individual candidate; mentions of other candidates will result in disqualification.

Election Expectations:

  • Violation of any of the previously discussed criteria will lead to the nominee’s immediate disqualification. Any violations will be addressed directly by the SGA Director of Elections in consultation with the Office of Campus Activities staff.
  • The candidate for Homecoming Court with the highest total votes is elected.  No runoff election is held. In the case of a tie, a drawing will be held to determine the Top of the Rock, respectively.
  • Candidates elected to Homecoming Court will be notified prior to the Homecoming game and will be expected to participate in all Homecoming activities.