Blood Drive History

The Appalachian Homecoming Blood Drive is unique to other university blood drives because it is entirely coordinated by a committee of students.  Check out the history and legacy of our annual Blood Drive.

2019: Construction: Build a Stronger Community

Donate or volunteer at the 2019 Homecoming Blood Drive on Tuesday, September 24th.  Appointments are available between 8am-7pm and walkins are welcome.  The Amerian Red Cross has issued a Low Blood Supply Emergency.  All blood types are critically needed.  Do not wait!  Register to save lives now!

Not eligible to donate?  Support those who can donate by volunteering.  Volunteers help make the blood donation experience a positive one for donors and are a great way to support the life saving efforts of the American Red Cross if you cannot donate.

2018: Cirque du Appalachian: Dare to Give

Despite the mist, fog, and ominous weather, hundreds of Appalachian students, staff, and faculty, and High Country community members lit up the day at the Holmes Convocation Center for the 12th Annual Homecoming Blood Drive.  Over 1,200 presenting donors and 450 volunteers and American Red Cross staff served throughout the day and night to help collect an impressive 1,120 pints of blood!  Thousands of lives were saved because hundreds Dared to Give. 

The 2018 Blood Drive Committee was: Hallie Chan (Senior), Opal Crace (Senior), Kirby Rose (Senior), Aaron Carpenter (Junior), Caroline Smith (Sophomore), Laura Tutterow (Sophomore), Dineyah Redo (Senior), Ure Loop (Senior), Cara O'Connor (Senior), Megan Fox (Senior), Nancy Saldana (Junior).


2017: Superheroes: Not all heroes wear capes

On a sunny fall day in Boone, superheros came out in the masses to do what they do best - save lives!  Over 1,200 attempted donations were made and an amazing 1,139 pints of blood were collected.  To support donors, over 450 volunteers served throughout the day and night.  While the superheroes of Appalachian don't always wear capes, they always wear the badge of being life savers.

The 2017 Blood Drive Committee was: Abigail Baist (Senior), Jenn Fricke, Alyson Graham (Senior), Lindsey Hamrick (Senior), Hallie Chan (Junior), Abby Rubio (Senior), Taylor Hill (Senior), Hailey Pister (Senior), Pragathi Ranganathan (Senior), Opal Crace (Senior), and Alisha Sprinkle (Junior).

2016: We Volunteer to Donate

For the 10th consecutive year, the Appalachian community turned out by the thousands so that others might have the chance to heal. On September 21st, 1,235 pints were donated and over 500 volunteers turned out to make this extraordinary blood drive possible. 

The 2016 Blood Drive Committee was: Zack Pruitt (Senior), Spencer Townsend (Senior), Abigail Baist (Junior), Jennifer Fricke (Junior), Maggie Sherwood (Senior), Ainsley Lee (Senior), Jazmine Griffin (Senior), Opal Crace (Junior), Abigail Rubio (Junior), Taylor Hill (Junior), Alyson Graham (Hunior), and Alisha Sprinkle (Sophomore).

2015: Helping to Give Happily Ever Afters

A beautiful mountain day inspired Mountaineers to come out in droves to help give the gift of happily ever afters. 1,322 pints of blood were collected at the 9th Annual Homecoming Blood Drive! What a great way to celebrate this incredible collaboration between AppState and the American Red Cross.

The 2015 Blood Drive Committee was: Anne Carpenter (senior), Amanda Torrence (senior), Zack Pruitt (senior), Meredith Rawls (senior), Kenley Ferment (senior), Erin Yaccuzo (senior), Reem Shuga (senior), Spencer Townsend (junior), and Mary Gregory (sophomore).

2014: Sweet Home Appalachian

The Mountaineer Community really showed up to help prove that there really is no place like our Appalachian home. The 2014 drive collected an impressive 1,265 units - an amount that has the potential to help save 3,795 lives!

The 2012 student blood drive committee was: Katelyn Messier (senior), Spencer Foster (senior), Bess Smith (senior), Merideth Rawls (junior), Zach Pruitt (junior), Anne Carpenter (junior), Kenly Ferment (junior), Spencer Townsend (junior), and William Bayless (sophomore), with graphic design help from Jelani Drew (senior).

2013: Yosef Loves the 90s

Neither rain nor chilly Boone weather could hold back Mountaineers from coming out to give the gift of life. 1,317 pints of blood were collected at the 7th Annual Homecoming Blood Drive! We truly saw the best Appalachian has to offer at the Holmes Center that day, from students to staff and faculty to the overwhelming number of Appalachian alumni who work with the American Red Cross.

The 2013 Blood Drive Committee was: Davis Roberts (senior), Rebecca Burwell (senior), Caila Wiblitzhouser Holm (senior), Jessica Coltabaugh (senior), Marcie Ried (senior), Katelyn Messier (junior), Spencer Foster (junior), Bess Smith (junior), and Meredith Rawls (sophomore).

2012: A Small Fare to Save a Life

Appalachian etched its name a little deeper in history at the 6th annual Homecoming Blood Drive on September 26, 2012 when over 1,200 donors turned out to give blood resulting in a simply unbelievable collection of 1,313 pints of blood! Even more amazing was that the goal was achieved with minimal wait times experienced by donors. We hope all past Appalachian donors and volunteers share a sense of a pride and accomplishment as we celebrate this back to back to back recording-setting blood drive!

The 2012 student blood drive committee was: Johnson Ramsaur (senior), Elizabeth Peeler (senior), Jacqueline Messier (senior), Kristi Davis (senior), AJ Anglim (senior), Davis Roberts (sophomore), Katelyn Messier (sophomore), Bailey Stewart (junior), and Lindsay Richards (junior), with graphic design help from Marcie Ried (junior) and Miles Elliott (sophomore).

2011: Give and Let Live

The 5th Annual 1,000 Pint Homecoming Blood Drive was the best Appalachian blood drive yet! 1,261 pints were collected, solidying Appalachian's place as the largest university blood drive in the entire country in 2011! Thank you to all of the patient donors who helped to make Mountaineer history.

The 2011 student blood drive consisted of: Angie Trickel (senior), Johnson Ramsaur (junior), Elizabeth Peeler (senior), Andrew Sessions (senior), Kristi Davis (senior), Jaqueline Messier (junior), AJ Anglim (junior), and Laura Taylor (senior).

2010: AppState Hits the Jackpot

On April 29, 2010 the Holmes Convocation Center was packed with students, staff, and faculty starting at 8:00 a.m. and lasting all day. An astounding 95% of people who signed up online showed up for their appointments, resulting in Appalachian setting a new record for collecting the most amount of blood in one day with a total of 1,135 pints! Over 300 donors gave for the first time at the drive and another new record was set for the most number of double red cell donations! Also, an incredible 106 people registered with the Be the Match National Bone Marrow Registry and 76 AppState Alumni donated across the country in Mountaineer solidarity!

2009: AppState's Solid Gold Record

In 2009, Mountaineers illustrated the power of one by beating the 1,000 pint goal by 3 pulling in a total of 1,003 pints! Every donor counted that day; we truly would not have been able to make the goal without each and every person who showed up to give the gift of life. AppState Alumni in Asheville organized their own drive on the same day to support their fellow Mountaineers!

2008: A Rock-Solid Goal

In 2008, AppState not only reached the 1,000 pint goal, they broke the North Carolina state record for collecting the most amount of blood (1,060 pints to be exact) in a single day in history, making it the 10th largest blood drive in the entire country!

2007: License To Give

In 2007, the first-ever AppState Homecoming Blood Drive was held with a goal of 500 pints. App blew that goal out of the water when 663 pints had been collected at the day's end! The American Red Cross knew AppState liked a challenge, so the goal for 2008 was doubled to 1,000 pints.