Banner Contest

Banners are due to the Plemmons Student Union Information Desk by noon on October 9th, 2019. Banners will be hung and judged in the Plemmons Student Union during Homecoming week.

The Homecoming Banner Contest is an opportunity for organizations to celebrate Homecoming by creating banners, which show the spirit of Homecoming and showcase their artistic talent. The banner will incorporate not only the overall theme but also the individual pairings’ Homecoming theme. Banners will be displayed around the Student Union during Homecoming Week.

  • Banners are to be no larger than one flat twin-bed sheet, or 6’ x 12’ if banner paper.
  • Designs must be in good taste.
  • The banner should display your organization’s name, logo, or crest.
  • Banners must relate to the game and/or homecoming theme.
  • No glitter, glitter material, glitter paint or sequins allowed on banner.
  • Banners that are painted must be dry when turned in to the information desk.
  • No professional sign painter services may be used.
  • The banner must be made by members of the competing group.
  • Banner cannot have been entered in a previous Homecoming.
  • Your banner can be used in the parade for your float and/or walking group.

Banner Judging Criteria:

Relation to Homecoming Theme 20%
Originality & Creativity 20%
Promotion of School Spirit & Team 20%
Neatness & Artistic Presentation 20%
Readability at a Distance 20%

Banner Points & Prizes:

Public recognition and points are awarded to organizations with prizes awarded to fraternity/sorority, Hall Councils and General Clubs that finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Place Points Prize Money
Participation 25 pts $0
3rd Place 25 pts $50
2nd Place 50 pts $75
1st Place 75 pts $125

Banner Judging:
Thursday, Oct 10th - Friday, October 11th

Banners must be picked up by 5 pm on October 18th, 2019. Simply alert the Plemmons Student Union Information Desk that you’ll be removing your banner and then remove it yourself or pick it up from the PSU information desk. After this date, all banners will be discarded.