Points System

All student organizations who plan to participate in any Homecoming activity are required to fill out the HOMECOMING REGISTRATION FORM online by Wednesday, September 14, 2017 at NOON in AppSync.


  • Only registered student clubs and organizations, as approved by the Campus Activities Office, are eligible to participate in Homecoming activities and receive points.
  • Clubs and organizations will compete only against similar groups (clubs vs. clubs, Greeks vs. Greeks, etc.)* in seven (7) different Homecoming contests (see below).
  • Four overall Homecoming Champions will be chosen and announced at halftime of the Homecoming game.
  • Certificates, cash prizes, significant publicity, and prestige await the successful groups.
  • Groups may join with other similar groups to enter one or more competition.  However, if combined groups place in a competition, only one certificate will be awarded and prize points and money (if any) will be divided equally.
  • Certificates and cash prizes will be awarded to winners in each category.  A display celebrating all winners will be on display in the Student Union.
  • Each contest has specific guidelines and deadlines. 

Competition Categories:

4 Homecoming Champions will be chosen in the following categories:

  • General Club 
  • Residence Hall Council
  • Fraternity/Sorority 
  • Department Affiliated Organizations**

Competition Points Grid:

Contest Points for Participation Points for 3rd Place Points for 2nd Place Points for 1st Place
Parade Float*


*15 additional points will be added for sustainable materials used.

75 100 125
Parade Walking Group* 50 -- -- --
  *Walking Groups must have banner. Banner Contest Banners can be used for this purpose! Contest Banners must be taken down by the Friday morning before the parade to be used.      
Kazoo Band 25 25 50 75
Nearly Naked Mile 50 -- -- --
Banner Contest 25 25 50 75
Blood Drive 150 -- -- --
Homecoming Court Nomination: 10 Interview: 15 On Court: 20 Top of the Rock: 30
Lip Sync Prelims: 50 -- -- --
  Finals: 25 additional points   Category winners: 25 (for 1st place winners)

Overall Champion: 50 (cannot be a category winner)

*Notes: Because there is an uneven number of fraternities and sororities on campus, some fraternities may compete with non-Greek, all-female organization when no sororities are available. Fraternities pairing with non-PanHellenic groups will be awarded one-half the point f or 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place finish in any contest. Participation points are split between partnering groups whether they be Greek or non-Greek. Furthermore, Prize Money where applicable is also split evenly among partnering groups. Partnering groups do not share Blood Drive points.

** Department Affiliated Organizations include: Appalachian Ambassadors, APPS, The Appalachian, WASU, The Peel, BSA, Club Council, RHA/NRHH, IFC, NPHC, PHC, SGA, Women's Center, REI, InTapp, and ACT.  UFOs are not eligible for cash rewards but can receive funds to cover floats and banner costs.