Kazoo Band

The Kazoo Band Competition is a fun and unique way to celebrate the Homecoming spirit.  The Kazoo Band Competition will take place on Friday, October 21st from 7:30-8:00 pm on Sanford Mall. Groups will perform a 1-minute song on the ever-popular instrument, the KAZOO! Songs should relate to the Homecoming theme, ‘Game On’, costumes, props, and choreography are encouraged.

All performing groups must arrive to Sanford Mall no later than 7:15 pm for check-in with Club Council who oversees event logistics and judging of the kazoo bands. 


Kazoo and Parade


Friday, October 21st
7:30-8:00 pm
Sanford Mall


  • The Kazoo routine for the judges may be no longer than 1 minute.  Routines will be timed.
  • Kazoos are provided in Club Hub (PSU 219) beginning October 3rd.
  • Groups must consist of 5 or more people in the Kazoo Band competitions.
  • Fraternities & Sororities will vie for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place.  Likewise, Clubs, Hall Councils and UFOs will compete in their own categories for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
  • Points will be awarded to all Kazoo Bands who register by the deadline, follow the judging criteria, behave appropriately for a family parade, and successfully complete the parade. 
  • Athletic teams may participate, but must be wearing uniforms clearly identifying themselves.

Points & Prizes:

Organization Categories Place Points Prize
Hall Councils, Fraternity/Sorority
General Clubs, UFOs*
3rd Place 50 $50
  2nd Place 80 $75
  1st Place 100 $100

Judging Criteria:

Quality & Theme of Parade Banner 25%
Spirity of Members 25%
Theme-Oriented Costumes 25%
Quality of Kazoo Songs 25%

*UFOs are not eligible for prize money.