Blood Drive Committee

Appalachian State University has the largest university-sponsored, single day blood drive in the nation! We are unique because our blood drive is entirely student-run. Students recruited through the ACT office are in charge of hospitality, donor and volunteer recruitment, entertainment, marketing, and working with the Red Cross to ensure the event runs smoothly.  

Applications for the 2018 Homecoming Blood Drive will open in early in the Spring Semester of 2018.  Keep an eye on the ACT website for more information.  

2017 Blood Drive Committee

Blood Drive committee 2017


  • Abigail Baist: Co-Chair
  • Jenn Fricke: Co-Chair
  • Hallie Chan: Hospitality Coordinator
  • Taylor Hill: Hospitality Coordinator
  • Abigail Rubio: Hospitality Coordinator
  • Hailey Pister: Donor Coordinator and Educational Support
  • Alyson Graham: Volunteer Coordinator and Education Support
  • Lindsey Hamrick: Volunteer Coordinator and Education Support
  • Pragathi Ranganathan: Super Volunteer Coordinator 
  • Alisha Sprinkle: Entertainment Coordinator 
  • Opal Crace: Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Kate Johnson & Macki Snyder: Advisors